Science and the Public/Media:

Recommended Reading on the Public Face of Science by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Writing about Science:

The homepage of Neuwrite, the international scientists and writers collaboration group

The Journal of Literature and Science is a peer-reviewed academic journal where you might find a home for your “academic essays on the subject of literature and science, broadly defined.”

Science on Stage by Kristen Shepherd-Barr; a good starting point for learning about the history of science and drama.

Professional Science Writing:

The National Association of Science Writers and their resources page (they even have an annual conference!)

Great Science-Writing:

Creative Nonfiction: Lab Girl (Hope Jahren), The Best of the Best American Science Writing (ed. Jesse Cohen) or any of the Best of American Science Writing series (2000-2009), The Best American Nature Writing series

Poetry: Blind Huber (Nick Flynn)

Drama: Copenhagen (Michael Frayn); W;t or Wit (Margaret Edson); An Experiment with an Air Pump (Shelagh Stephenson),  A Number (Caryl Churchill), The Life of Galileo (Bertolt Brecht), The Physicists (Friedrich Durrenmatt)

For Kids: Joyful Noise (poetry for two voices, Paul Fleischman)

Great Science Writing Articles:

The Doctors Whose Patients Are Already Dead (The Atlantic, by Rachel Wilkinson)

“Inside the autopsy lab, pathologists talk about the emotional rewards of medicine’s most-maligned specialty—and what it’s like to work side-by-side with death.” 

The Chemistry of Kibble (Popular Science, by Mary Roach)

“The billion-dollar, cutting-edge science of convincing dogs and cats to eat what’s in front of them.”